Karak Tea Instant Premix Cardamon 10 sticks


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Karak Tea Instant Premix Cardamon 10 sticks Retail Box No Warranty


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Karak Tea Instant PreMix Cardamon 10 Sticks, Retail Box, Out of Box failure WarrantyRetail Box No Warranty
Product Overview:
This type of tea is different from other conventional teas known. The word Karak means multiplier or heavy tea. It comes from the Indian language “Urdu”. The Gulf region has known the Karak tea through intensive trading with India for decades. Gulf traders journeyed to India to bring various goods. Here the journey of Karak tea began to the Gulf.
• Karak tea is distinguished from other types of tea in that it is quick and easy to prepare,
Just add a certain amount of water only.
• Available in multi flavors and is free from any Preservatives, Artificial Flavors, And Synthetic Food Color.
• Karak tea contains powder milk which includes a high nutritional value of calcium, essential vitamins
and useful minerals for a healthy body and strong bones.
• Product Code: KR-940
• Description: Karak Tea Instant PreMix Cardamon 10 Sticks
• Instant Premix – 100% Natural.
• Box contains 10 x 14g sticks
• Karak Tea product is free from any preservatives, artificial flavors, and synthetic food colour.
• Made in India.
• Retail Box
• Out of Box failure Warranty


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