About Us

Who we are: 

Tshumelo Connexion Line IT (Incorporated in 2007), is an Information and Technology online retail, service company with a difference. Over 15 years of extensive experience in e-commerce business, Our philosophy is that serving our customers is the only reason we are in business. If we make few Rands, that’s fine, but that’s not the main reason why we are in business.

We are dedicated to bringing our customers high-quality, cutting-edge technology at the lowest possible prices.  Probably every business claims this, but we actually do act upon what we claim. How? Wherever possible, we show you exact and current comparative prices by hooking into the independent and wholly objective comparative websites like www.pricecheck.co.za  so that you can see for yourself what our competitors are charging for exactly the same products.  If anybody else is selling an item more cheaply, we even tell you where to go to get it.

Who else do you know who does that?  What drives us?  If a profit motive is not what drives us, what does? The main reason we are in business is to help build, within South African high tech community, a real sense of community and communal sharing. We think that sharing technology as cheaply as is humanly possible is one good way to make South Africa a better country, more sophisticated, and more highly developed country. 


We strive to make your online IT shopping a SECURE, smooth and pleasurable experience. We view every customer as potentially a customer forever, and we instill this perspective in each of our employees. We want to assure every shopper’s complete satisfaction and guarantee. From our researching the latest technology to suit your needs, to your own receiving customer support for your products after purchase, we hope to be an intuitive and helpful part of your online shopping experience from start to finish. 


Tshumelo Connexion loyalists are accustomed to first-class service and to finding the best values on the web. That is because we are experts on delivering the latest technologies available and because we are in tune to what’s hot and what’s not. Our reputation, experience and keen industry insight permit us to negotiate the lowest possible prices on the net. 
  If you have a comment or suggestion you would like to share with us, please let us know. Customer feedback truly does shape our business, and this is what helps us to serve South Africans in the best ways possible.

Your ideas are always welcome.   Contact  060 575 2559 or e-mail info at tshumelo dot co dot za.

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