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Apex Teaching-you Electric Guitar Skills, Retail Box , No Warranty on Software


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Apex: -Teaching-you Electric Guitar Skills Retail Box No Warranty on Software
Product Overview

Strike the right chord with Teaching-you Electric Guitar Skills.
Who didn’t dream of playing the guitar when they were growing up? Perhaps you even managed to spend a few years learning. But then real life caught up, and it’s hard to fit in music lessons in a busy lifestyle. Now you can have the best of both worlds.
Learn to play the guitar in your own time and at your own pace with Teaching-you Electric Guitar Skills.

Instantly sound like your rock heroes and master classic guitar chords with Teaching-you Electric Guitar Skills, an easy and enjoyable way of learning to play the electric guitar. Learn at your own pace following the animated fretboard and picking hand and experience for yourself the thrill of playing with a band that really rocks. Whether you are a complete beginner or have played before this program will teach you everything about classic rock chords, and how to sound like a pro.

Teaching-you Electric Guitar Skills contains over 40 inspiring lessons, divided into two easy to follow Music Coach modules:

Master Rock Power Chords
Over 40 lessons covering open and closed power chords, rhythm and strumming, how to hold a pick, technique, and reading. Learn at your own pace following the animated fretboard and strum hand, and access friendly help and tips every step of the way. Practise using the looping features to tackle any tricky bits, then perform and record yourself with the real audio backing tracks.

Chord Miner 100
An exceptional software tool that contains over 100 chords that you can see, hear, arrange and print out. You can put together your own chord progressions for your favourite songs or use the unique Chord Mine feature to show you all the songs that you can play with the chords that you like.

•Step-by-step help so you get exactly the help you need at the time you need it most.
•Variable speed practice tracks choose a speed that suits you and learn at your own pace.
•Looped practice to help with working on any tricky bits.
•Music print out print out the songs and play and perform away from the computer.
•Over 100 chords that you can see, hear, arrange and print out.
•Expert teaching and cutting edge multimedia
•Play 15 rock tracks in the style of some of the worlds greatest rock artists.
•Real audio accompaniments and full band backing tracks to help you experience what its like to play with other musicians and to help build performance skills.
•Recording feature to listen to how youre sounding, keep a track of your progress and play to your friends and family.
System requirements:
PC operating system: Windows Me / 2000 / XP / Vista
PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium 233 or equivalent
Hard Drive Space (MB): 80MB
Memory: 64MB
Graphics: 800 x 600 pixels, 16 bit colour
Audio: Any 100% Windows compatible soundcard
Printer: Optional (recommended)
Internet: Required for activation, additional information and updates
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