UniQue Dedicated Dual Head Power Cable 2.8m


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UniQue Dedicated Dual Head Power Cable 2.8m – Standard computer power cable with 3-prong dedicated plug on one end and 2 x kettle plug connections on the other., OEM, No Warranty


133 in stock

UniQue Dedicated Dual Head Power Cable, 2.8m OEM No Warranty

Product Overview

SABS approved Grounded Dedicated 3 prong South African Plug on one end and two (2) outputs IEC (kettle plug) connections on the other. Plugs two items such as computers, certain monitors and various power supply units from the same power source.

Mains lead South African
Connects a PC and Printer or any other product to a 220 volt AC power outlet from same power source
Dual CIEC standard compliant moulded PC power plugs
Dedicated ‘shaved’ 3 pin power plug can be used on dedicated clean power lines
Can also be used on standard domestic 3 pin AC power outlets
Mains power cable with two outputs
220 Watt rating for SLI and multi-rail power supply use
2.8metre Long

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